Friday, May 29, 2009

Brian Bent

Brian Bent has worked for us since he was 16 I think. He has risen through the ranks and for the last ten years or so has been the creative genius behind our stores look, and the company's vibe. He sings and plays guitar in a ripping band, is a minister at his own church (Hotrod Church for Sinners), is one of the finest creative multimedia artists I have ever known, and quite frankly rips with style in the water.

He likes to go where few have gone before (or better yet, no one). For the last few months he has been riding an old kook box at San'O and Doheny. He shows up in his custom jalopy, dons his farmer john, and gets more than a few hoots and hollers when he drops in. Dragging his foot in the wave swings his sled around, and then it is full swath trim. He says she trims real well.

The photos speak volumes
Photos courtesy Don Craig...

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  1. I've witnessed him on his kookbox at the yard and jeezus is it f*cking rad to watch!! His transportation is boss as well !! Also, I was wondering if you could go back through the pages of my blog an look at some pictures of a vintage Becker I have and see if you could put a year on it?